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Date of 10/05/17

Its been a few days since I have blogged its been a crazy couple weeks getting ready to officially launch "" unfortunately we are still a few days away from launching our platform.... Anyway I wanted to bring you some more good news, we are working with a local contract specialty company and...
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Date of 01/04/17

Vendor/Business Benefits - Visit MyBidConnect Today To Learn More!
Each business day offers thousands of prospects and potential bids to include direct sales & buying opportunities. Without a tool like MyBidConnect, businesses are actively eliminating themselves from consideration for the...
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Date of 11/01/17

WACommerce Bid-Match platform is undergoing an upgrade and will be unavailable during maintenance hours between 11:30 PM 12 Jan 2017 until 5:00 AM 13 Jan 2017.

Check our blog often for the latest updates, and service offers.


WACommerce Support Team

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