Grant Award Support Program

Date of 03/09/16

WACommerce has partnered with "Go Huey" to provide a unique and cutting edge platform to support your efforts at winning Grants for your business or organization. Founder & President Dennis Pritchard has been successful with stratagies to help nonprofits not only secure their first government grant, but win ongoing opportunies through the use of a FREE Huey program.

At the moment our consultant team is researching the capabilities of bringing this highly sucessful program into the government marketplace which could be a value added resource for WACommerce members seeking government grants.

HueyMarketis a tool to help businesses or organizations to bring additional value to their business and/or measure their customer base to understand it better and market their products and services better...

Go Huey is a phenominal communications tool which can help you understand and better interact with group members, your employees, business associates, teaming partners and more....

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